Musical Instrument Museum “MIM is far more than a museum; MIM is your partner and guide on a musical journey that explores how so many different people and cultures expressed their emotions through music.  When you enter MIM, your journey begins, and you control the itinerary.  Whatever your final destination, you will arrive with a greater understanding of music, different Continue Reading

Lowell Observatory Lowell Observatory holds a huge place in the history of astronomy.  Lowell astronomers discovered Pluto, collected the first evidence of the expanding Universe, and measured the motions and properties of stars, among many other achievements. The staff of this active observatory continue to do research in all areas of astronomy and share their discoveries around the globe.  We Continue Reading

Otsukimi Moonviewing Festival Celebrating the Japanese culture, the moonviewing festival offers a glimpse into the lives of these quiet people.  As the moon is reflected off the surface of the Koi ponds, we will soak in the deeply serene nature of an soft fall evening.  Japanese music in the form of wind and string instruments; dynamic Japanese percussion; Japanese dancers Continue Reading

Autumn in Sedona When the temperatures dip and there is a nip in the air, God takes His paintbrush to the trees and canyons surrounding Sedona in a display of spectacular fall color.  Join us as we travel to the other side of the mountain to see Red Rock State Park and Oak Creek Canyon in all their splendor.  We Continue Reading